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Cut costs and maximize productivity

In the best of times, smart organizations look for ways to operate more effectively and efficiently. Now, it's a matter of survival. Coachware® dramatically enhances productivity by streamlining the information-to-knowledge-to-task process. Our data clearly shows that Coachware clients boast a remarkable ROI in a matter of months, and even sometimes weeks. Coachware is the leading performance support provider because it is simple to implement and use, and more comprehensive, flexible and powerful than anything else on the market.

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“Coachware makes it easier for people to do their jobs.” Joel Trowbridge Project Manager,
Quality Service and Training
Marshall & Ilsley Corporation

What Is Coachware?

Coachware is the leading Electronic Performance Support software suite. It is the fastest way to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness and impact your bottom line.

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How Does It Work?

A simple, easy-to-use front-end is enabled by a powerful, flexible back-end, the Coachware Suite is as quick and easy to install as it is to operate.

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Why Choose Coachware?

The only true enterprise-level solution for Electronic Performance Support, Coachware is unmatched in range and depth of functionality.

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