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Because we focus on performance support and only performance support, we have developed a flexible and powerful solution that works across diverse industries and applications. Each and every Coachware customer meets its unique needs with our flexible, enterprise-class functionality. Select an application area or industry below to learn how Coachware can make a difference in your organization.


  • Banking
  • Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Government / Military
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance

Industry Descriptions

  • Banking Industry

    • A major bank implemented Coachware® as part of a program to train power users of a new PeopleSoft HR, Payroll and Benefits implementation.  Coachware was introduced and used in the instructor-led training and is available to users after training.
    • A correspondent banking business is using Coachware to enable its staff to service different bank clients that each have different business rules. Procedures are being transferred from paper manuals to Coachware. Call center staff are finding it easier to do their jobs, which will help the bank reduce a high turnover rate among call center staff.
  • Consulting Industry

    A major multinational consulting firm has grown its Coachware® implementation from 8,000 users of a global compliance system, to 20,000+ users to support annual self-audit processes, to an enterprise license for 150,000+ users worldwide. The firm has implemented several additional Coachware applications including:

    • An award winning CPA Licensing application that enables professional accounting staff to obtain the licensing information and immediate access to all forms and applications in all jurisdictions, greatly reducing support calls.
    • An annual compliance support system that guides self service users to complete a required annual event, with dramatic improvements in completion rates and elimination of a five person help desk created to support the audit.
    • A Coachware implementation that directs users and standardizes the way tax files are created, organized, reviewed, finalized and stored to eliminate confusion and save time accessing files.
  • Financial Services Industry

    • A major investment banking firm used Coachware® to support a PeopleSoft HR upgrade
    • A manufacturer's equipment financing unit used Coachware to support the implementation of a integrated quotation, credit and documentation system.  Coachware enabled the same database to serve both internal staff and dealers with limited access to credit data for dealers.
    • A retirement services firm uses Coachware to support 15 functional groups that process retirement plan transactions. Coachware enables a more flexible workforce with the ability to move staff between groups based on demand.
    • A major national clearinghouse uses Coachware to document the end-to-end audit processes and coach staff step-by-step as they conduct internal audits.
  • Government / Military Industry

    • The Canadian Department of National Defence used Coachware® to support a major Peoplesoft HR implementation, reducing a planned 10 day training course to three days. Updates were delivered and implemented without formal training using Coachware and an overview video, resulting in significant savings.
    • The US Army is implementing Coachware as part of its DIMHRS PeopleSoft implementation to support both power users and 1.3 million military and civilian staff required to complete annual and event-based self service processes.  Coachware will document and support the Army's end-to-end business procedures that integrate multiple business applications with the forms, rules, policies and regulations needed to complete the processes.
    • The NJ Department of Environmental Protection used Coachware to help users submit electronic annual emissions statements.
  • Healthcare Industry

    • A healthcare services provider is using Coachware® as a core of an outsourcing business model to provide government pricing and contracts management services to pharmaceutical clients.  Coachware is enabling the firm to standardize its policies and procedures so the outsourcing business can expand rapidly with a core of trained staff servicing multiple clients.
    • A leading global pharmaceutical company is implementing Coachware to document and disseminate government pricing policies and procedures for Medicaid federal and state reporting.  Coachware serves as a knowledge base of rules and regulations for contracts and pricing officers, and documents and supports complex end-to-end monthly compliance processes that span several business applications.
  • Insurance Industry

    • A major insurance company's retirement services division is using Coachware® to support internal staff and 22,000 plan sponsors that use Web applications to process transactions. The implementation includes context-sensitive linkage with a proprietary operational application.
    • A healthcare insurer is rolling Coachware out to its Enrollment, Claims, Customer Service, and Appeals and Grievances groupsin order to provide a central location for all its documents - one stop shop for easy access.


  • Business Application Support
  • Call Centers / Help Desks
  • Self Service
    Application Support
  • Transaction Support
  • Information Organization
    and Delivery

Application Descriptions

  • Business Application Support

    Completing complex processes using enterprise business applications is rarely easy or intuitive. That's why many organizations spend a fortune on training when new systems are implemented, or leave their employees and customers to figure out how to complete transactions on their own. And many business processes require support from materials and resources outside of the application, or interaction with several different applications.

    Several vendors offer single application performance support, but only Coachware® offers end-to-end process support encompassing multiple business applications and other resources.

    Coachware business application support implementations deliver dramatic improvement in time to proficiency, accuracy and completion rates, and reduction in training costs, errors and task completion times.

  • Call Centers/Help Desks

    No departments can benefit more from Coachware® than call centers and help desks. And the more complex the tasks and processes, and the greater the need for accurate reference information, the more we can help. Coachware can put all the information your call center and help desk staff need at their fingertips right when they need it. You can assure your team has the most up-to-date information without wasted time looking for resources.

    Coachware can deliver compelling improvements in call center metrics such as first call resolutions and reduced call length. Coachware enables call center staff to handle a greater variety of tasks and processes, allowing peak time load sharing across geographies and functional responsibilties. Time to competency for new staff is significantly reduced.

  • Self Service Application Support

    Self service applications can boost employee productivity and offload back office work from staff to customers and employees. The problem is that most self service applications are too complex to expect customers and employees to accurately complete without training or support, and the help functions in applications address the technology and not the process.

    Coachware® is uniquely capable of solving this problem. Coachware's decision support funtionality can guide even first time users through processes that include multiple decision points that change the course of the process. And because the Coachware Coach web application is a true thin-client application with no client download, those inside and outside your firewall can use Coachware without any need to download or install plug-ins or software.

  • Transaction Support

    In many organizations, completing critical business transactions requires interaction with multiple technology systems and requires up-to-date knowledge of policies and regulations. Most complex transactions include multiple decision points that change the path of the process. Training staff to complete these transactions is costly and only marginally effective. On the job mentoring of new staff by senior staff is expensive and detracts from senior staff productivity.

    Coachware® changes the way you train and support staff responsible for complex, mission critical processes. New staff use Coachware and the business applications they will use on the job to learn the processes and the resources that support them. Training time is reduced by 50% or more. And retraining for new technology releases or process changes is eliminated because Coachware will notify your staff of the changes and guide them through these changes on the job.

  • Information Organization and Delivery

    Getting the right information when you need it is a major challenge in this era of information overload. How do you make sure your employees and customers seeking information on a particular topic get the current information they need that is relevant to their situation? Many look to Web portals as a solution, but grouping information into categories doesn't address the challenge. And key word searches only get you into the right neighborhood.

    Coachware® enables you to organize your information using decision trees to guide your employees and customers to find the information appropriate for their situation. When having up-to-date information is crucial, Coachware provides your team with the tools to make sure only the most up to date information is made available, which is critical in many industries where rules and regulations change frequently. And because Coachware is intuitive and easy to use, your customers and partners can easily navigate the Coachware panel to find exactly what they're looking for in a few clicks.

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