#1 in the EPS Industry (for Good Reason)

Coachware® is 100% focused on providing open, end-to-end performance support for your business processes. That is why we have built a feature and function-rich product suite able to accommodate a complete range of information sources and meet demanding enterprise requirements across industries and business units like no other. In range, size and scope, Coachware simply has no competition.

Simplicity Up Top, Power Below

Simplicity is truly the hallmark of Coachware. From the quick and easy installation to the simple, web-based desktop console, to the interface design and intuitive controls, Coachware is designed and developed to be as easy for the new recruit as it is for your IT professional. After all, making information easy-to-access, understand and apply is the core of what we do and why we lead the industry. When you need an EPS solution that is both easy-to-use and designed with all the features needed to meet the complex needs of your enterprise, Coachware ends up being the only option.

Unmatched Size & Scope

Coachware Makeup

Unlike any one single solution, Coachware® includes, and acts as, all of the following:

  • Software application support
  • End-to-end process support
  • Information organization & delivery
  • Just-in-time training resources

A “No-Brainer”

Data clearly shows Coachware® improves productivity so quickly that it often pays for itself in a matter of months. With major clients worldwide and over 1.7 million users, we have the track record that demonstrates the dramatic cost advantages. Prior to purchase, we are happy to calculate the real cost and ROI benefits of any company looking to employ Coachware. Companies we speak to seem to come to the same conclusion and end up seeing the decision as a “no-brainer.” Our observed customer results include:

  • 25% decrease in task completion times
  • 40% drop in error rates
  • 40% reduction in help desk calls
  • 50% time savings in content management
  • Costs about a nickel per hour per user

No Cost Custom Demo

Take Coachware for a test drive on your track. Contact us and we'll be happy to set up a working demo for your organization using samples of your processes, procedures or best practices.

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25% improved productivity** statistically proven to increase productivity by 25% with certain clients.